Savannah Wedding

A Savannah wedding is a wonderful way to start your new life. And when you think Savannah wedding, think Foley House Inn. Let us do all the work while you just have to show up. We specialize in hosting your small, intimate Savannah wedding.

Savannah Wedding

Many decided to elope simply because they feel weddings have lost the art of being about love. That is where the Foley House Inn can help you with your Savannah wedding elopement. Not all, but many turn into a status symbol for both attendees and participants. Everyone has an opinion on how you should celebrate your day, and people get all bent out of shape because they were not invited. You sometimes feel obligated to invite someone you dislike simply because you’re related or they are dating a relative. The bottom line, you don’t need a room of witnesses to your love because just living your life together is a testament to that.

Anyone who has been engaged can relate to the excitement and joy of having made the decision to marry their very best friend. For the first few weeks you are consumed with endless expressions of joy from friends and family. You’ve showed the ring and recalled the “how it happened story” too many times to count. But, once you’ve updated your Facebook status to “engaged” it’s time to face the reality that you have a wedding in your future. SO many factors to consider! You start sketching out a guest list which quickly adds up into the hundreds. You start to perouse wedding photographers’ websites to learn the smallest photo package starts at $3000. You learn that what sets your wedding date is the availability of a venue, which by the way isn’t until next year sometime. All you want to do is wake up to your new husband or wife and start the next chapter of your lives. Fear not. Perhaps it is time to take into consideration…Eloping!

Our Savannah wedding elopement package is surprisingly affordable. Call us at 800-647-3708 and let us tell you what we can do for you.



Savannah wedding