Historic Savannah

There are so many amazing sides to Savannah for you to explore and enjoy. And the Foley House Inn is right in the middle of it all! We are located directly off Chippewa Square, which lies at the center of the Historic District. When you stay here as our guest, you have premier access to everything Savannah has to offer.

Whatever you’re looking for, our concierge team is ready to make recommendations and put your getaway itinerary together. All you have to do is ask! Whether you’re researching possibilities in advance or you find yourself in an “I’m here, now what?” situation, we’ve got your trip planning needs covered.

Savannah Romance
There’s a reason lovers love Savannah. This place has an undeniable grace, beauty, and sensitivity. Its gorgeous scenery, architecture, and character make it the perfect romantic destination. Let the romance of Savannah and the Foley House Inn sweep you off your feet.

Savannah Dining
No one leaves Savannah hungry, that’s for sure! This city has a culinary option for every pallet and budget. Enjoy anything from the most sophisticated multi-course dining experience to the most casual seafood meal – even in the same day.

Savannah Hauntings
In the daytime, Savannah presents a graceful elegance and charm. But after dark, the spirits of the past take shape. Take a look at the “other” side of Savannah’s population…if you’re brave enough.

Savannah History
The city is internationally renowned for its rich history and gracious Southern way of life. You could spend days walking around Savannah and taking it all in.

Savannah Tours
If you prefer a more structured look at this extraordinary Southern city, there are tours to highlight every area of interest imaginable.

Savannah Entertainment
Casual public houses, trendy bar scenes, hot nightclubs, and live music abound throughout Savannah. If you’re looking for entertainment, you’ll easily find it.

Savannah Events
Of course, major events like the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities and the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon tend to take center stage, but you’ll find countless fun events throughout the year.

Other Savannah Things To Do
This list is just the beginning. Savannah is host to a multitude of other leisure activities. With challenging golf courses, luxurious spas, and many other attractions nearby, you’ll never run out of things to do.