Southern Living Magazine Foley House Inn

Southern Living Magazine Foley House Inn named us the Best Inn in the South in 2017. We are proud to receive this honor from this distinguished publication.

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Southern Living Magazine celebrates the best of Southern life. Hence they share authentic experiences and advancements in Southern culture through their articles and essays. Most noteworthy topics that include Home & Garden, Southern Style and Beauty and most importantly, Travel and Food.

Established in 1966, Southern Living magazine was created to highlight the beauty and culture of the growing South. Since then, Southern Living magazine has become one of the largest lifestyle brands in the country hence it is committed to sharing the region. The editors and writers of Southern Living Magazine say they love the South with their fans through the magazine, website, social sites, videos, cookbooks, special editions, and above all, licensed products.

Southern Living Magazine

Steeped in history, and rooted in charm, the South is a cultural mecca. The culture here is more distinct than anywhere else in the country. Southerners find their identity in the literature, musical styles, cuisine, and that oh-so-famous hospitality that have all evolved from such a rich history. There’s no place more soulful than the south.


Any thoughts of dieting have to be forgotten when you visit this town. True Southern food involves indulging in the likes of crispy fried green tomatoes, ham-hocked collard greens, deliciously smothered pork chops, and consequently fried chicken. For that reason Savannah Living Magazine Foley House Inn offers reviews of many fine Southern restaurants. From casual mom-and-pop choices with great food to fine dining establishments specializing in Low Country cuisine.

Southern Living Magazine Foley House Inn